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For many children, the path to adulthood is rough. Right now, more than 435,000 children are growing up in foster homes; 120,000 have been permanently separated from their parents and are waiting for adoption; 20,000 will turn 18 and “age out” without family support. We have a responsibility to do better. Preserving and strengthening families can allow children to grow up safely in their own homes without the trauma of family separation, and effective services can be the bridge to adulthood for young people who leave foster care alone.

Decades of experience and research have taught us this: a family does a better job of raising a child than the state. We provide and advocate for innovative, evidence-based, family focused services designed to bring help and hope to children and their families, as well as proven services for young adults turning 18 in foster care. 


With the support from partnerships, organizations and agencies around the beautiful state of Vermont, we are changing the lives of children, families and young people. Our services and programs have made a beautiful impact in our communities and country! Thanks to all of YOU!

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Executive Director/CEO

Richard Branson said, “There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions in a way that serves the world.” For the past 50 years, the dedicated staff members at Laraway Youth & Family Services have been doing just that. Our team is committed to supporting children and adolescents through their personal journey of healing, recovery, and personal growth.The research suggests a single positive relationship can be the difference between overcoming the adversity and trauma they experienced and living a safe, healthy, and productive life as a member of our communities. Our young people are amazing! They share their energy, talents, and gifts with us every day. Our talented and highly skilled staff apply their own compassion, creativity, and unconditional positive regard to design innovative therapeutic responses to aid our clients along the way.

I am serving in my 23rd year at Laraway Youth & Family Services. In all those days, from the weekend overnight staff to Executive Director, there are less than a handful of times I recall wanting to give up. This place, the kids, the staff have always provided me inspiration and motivation to be the best I can be at my craft. Our mindset and culture are focused on constant improvement, development, and growth.

In the end, Laraway is about people and connections. Our youth thrive and succeed because of those relationships. Our staff stay here, year after year, decade after decade, doing this challenging work because of those established connections. I want to sincerely thank all the staff, board members, community and state partners, families, and clients for your patience, partnership, and support. Laraway is as strong now, as we have ever been, with a new brand, renewed energy, and a clear vision toward the next half century of service to improve the lives of children and families.

Yours in Service,

David E. McAllister
Executive Director/CEO
Laraway Youth & Family Services

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At Laraway, you are not just an employee, you are part of our community.